Email Settings for POP/SMTP/IMAP

Arrow Technology email servers support all of the commonly used POP, SMTP and IMAP configurations for security (SSL/TLS) and ports.

If using SSL or TLS security, you can either:

  1. Use your own domain name for connecting. You will get a security certificate warning but your connection will be encrypted.
  2. Use the Arrow Technology server domain name (typically for connecting. All of our email servers have SSL security certificates, so you should not get a warning.

The only disadvantage on using our vpsX domain names is that if your email service ever moves for any reason, you will have to update your email applications with the new server name.

For all accounts

  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Password: As advised, or can be changed in your hosting control panel. Only complex passwords are allowed.
  • POP/SMTP/IMAP Server:

Some email applications require the password to be separately entered for each of POP, SMTP and IMAP, others allow the password to be shared. If you find POP works but SMTP does not, then ensure you have configured SMTP to use a username & password, because it will not work without one.

Secure POP/SMTP Accounts

POP: SSL with port 995

SMTP: STARTTLS or TLS with port 587

For the POP settings remember to review/adjust the advanced setting on how long to leave the incoming email on the email server for, before it is automatically deleted.

Secure IMAP/SMTP Accounts

IMAP: TLS with port 143, or SSL with port 993

SMTP: STARTTLS or TLS with port 587


You can also use a variety of other settings which will work, but some settings may not provide security features. If your email application shows TLS or SSL against all connection methods (POP/IMAP/SMTP) then you are probably all good :)

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