Enhanced Backups

Enhanced Backups is an optional service which you can order either during the initial ordering of your hosting or you can add-on later at any time.

Note: You can cancel the service at any time. If you cancel this service with an intention to continue it later, please note that historic backups may not be kept past the end of your last billing period.

Your hosting plan will already get very good daily backups, which are stored only at the data centre and are kept for 14 days. These are primarily provided for disaster recovery purposes, although they do fully support specific on-demand restores for files & databases.

All successful site attacks that we have ever seen have been due to either vulnerable web site frameworks or badly coded site plugins & extensions. If a site is hacked, some site modifications such as to the database may not always be immediately noticed, possibly taking days or even weeks to observe a change. Some attackers deliberately wait a while after a successful attack, so they know there is less chance of a backup being available.

Having enhanced backups ensures you can go back a significant time for a restore and these backups even make it possible for us to properly fix a damaged site with 100% accuracy, without having to necessarily totally revert to an older version of the site.

Enhanced backups provide additional web site files, email and database backups for extra security & redundancy.

  • Full web site & database mirror copies stored at another data centre; kept for at least 60 days.
  • Automated changed file detection logging, with the logs; kept for at least 120 days.
  • Full web site, database & email backups every 6 hours, stored at both the web site data centre and another data centre; kept for 14 days.
  • Free of charge file restores from the 'hot' backups that were created within last 24 hours*.
  • Free of charge supply & restoration of database backups* (free restores are for database replacement and exclude manipulation of any existing database)
  • Files restores from 'cold' backups older than 24 hours are charged on a time basis, typically varying from $50 to $125+gst depending on complexity.
  • Comparison and fixup of hacked sites is charged on a time basis, but we are well experienced with this and can get it done in good time with total accuracy.
  • Every backup is continually monitored & checked, to ensure it is working correctly.

*Free restores are limited to 1 per month and up to 4 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I backup? If something in your site changes which you do not want to lose, then you should backup. For a rarely changing site you might not have to backup very often and for a busy web store you might want to backup multiple times a day.

How long should backups be kept for? Most commonly we restore from backups that are at least 10 days old and on many occasions have restored from backups a few weeks old. Many web hosting services do not provide a long enough backup history.

All web hosting services do backups don't they? Unfortunately, no, they do not. Many web hosting services, even including large providers, do not do any backups at all and a lot of them only do a full backup once a week. Of the ones that do regular backups, very few of them do separate database backups, which is really bad news because databases do require special separate backups.

My site was hacked. Do I need to restore it to from before the attack? If your site rarely changes, then a full restore may be quickest. If your site changes often, such as for an online store, or if you recently made a lot of changes you do not want to lose, our backup systems allow us to compare your site files and database to discover exactly what was changed, down to a very accurate level of detail. We have a 100% success rate of fixing up damaged sites and provide this service to other hosting providers. Our SiteSentinel system allows us to forensically examine how an attack happened, so that it can be immediately blocked and a proper fix implemented on the web site.

My site is secure from hackers. Surely I don't need extra backups? The majority of restores that we do are for sites that were damaged by automatic updates (particularly with WordPress) or inadvertent admin changes. Often these actions only require a partial restore, although for a site that rarely changes much a full restore might be quicker.

Other web hosts have mirrored disks. Isn't that the same as backups? All Arrow Technology web servers have mirrored disks, but mirrored disks are not even close to being the same as backups. All mirrored disks do is help protect your data from a disk fault. Disk faults are quite rare. Nearly all data problems are due to web site specific issues rather than disks. All the disk mirroring does is duplicate the data issue to other disks. However, occasionally it is even possible for multiple mirrored disks to fail at the same time, so you do need good backups with a bit of history.

With cloud hosting they duplicate the data to another location. Isn't that the same as backups? Probably not and some cloud hosts don't even do duplication, despite being called cloud. Most data duplication services make fairly immediate copies of data changes to a separate copy of your data elsewhere, which can be good for redundancy. However, these services probably do not keep a history of your data, just a copy of whatever data was last changed. Because nearly all issues that require a data restore are due to site faults, failed site updates (often automatic updates), your own site administration accidents, or attacks, data duplication merely copies those issues to the other location. Our Enhanced Backups also copy your data to another location, but at regular intervals rather than immediate and with a good history. This allows both redundancy and the ability to restore from historical backups.

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