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Whenever you send an email through an Arrow Technology email server to a domain name ending in .nz or .au then that emal address may be automatically added to a whitelist on the first anti-spam system. This includes emails that may be sent via your websites that are hosted with Arrow Technology.

The whitelisting is only for specific email addresses, not whole email domains and our automated system will exclude some domain names which should never be whitelisted.

For example, if an order confirmation is sent from your online store to your customer, then that customer's email address will be whitelisted ensuring that customer can email you directly,

The adding to the whitelist does not happen immediately, but normally within 1 hour. You can contact us to request an urgent immediate whitelisting.

Note: Bear in mind that most customers will be able to email you just fine and do not need their email address to be whitelisted. This auto-whitelisting is only a precaution. To put it in context, out of many thousands of emails a week, there might only be a few or even no blocked legitimate emails.

Auto-whitelisting is only for .nz and .au because we see very little spam for these email addresses. We do not auto-whitelist other domains because it would then be possible for spammers to deliberately use websites to get whitelisted and allow them to spam you.

You are welcome to request specific whitelisting, but often all you need to do is send them an email and wait for a bit (normally within 1 hour).

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