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Enhanced Monitoring is an optional service which you can order either during the initial ordering of your hosting or you can add-on later at any time.

All websites do receive a specific level of monitoring, primarily to ensure they are not 'running wild' and consuming high levels of resources.

With the Enhanced Monitoring service your site will get a variety of extra checks that may even be customised to just your website and your specific concerns. If any issues are noticed then you will be informed promptly by email, SMS text and and/or phone. These issues may relate to some website hacking attempts, performance issues, unusual errors and anything that monitoring may indicate is causing problems for your site functionality.

  • Discussion on what is to be monitored and particular aspects that are of concern to you.
  • Custom SiteSentinel monitoring rules, such as detecting long running pages, alerting access to specific secure pages, blocking specific pages from general access.
  • Be informed by email, SMS text and/or phone.
  • For some monitored issues and with your prior agreement to do so, we will immediately action to rectify as appropriate.
  • Extended out-of-hours alerting (normally by SMS text), if you are happy being notified out-of-hours.

Monitoring does not specifically include implementing fixes, but many issues can be worked around quite easily by making small adjustments and where possible we will attempt to do that.

If a website is considered extremely vulnerable to attacks, then the website will be taken off-line. However, SiteSentinel is often very capable of blocking specific attack points without taking whole websites off-line.

Note: Most websites receive many attacks throughout the day; you would possibly be shocked if you knew how many. We will not notify you for every attack, that would be too much information to be useful. You will be notified only for attacks that appear to have had some level of success, such as causing internal site errors, or which were apparently very targetted rather than being random (most attacks are random).

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