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With the Premium subscription service you can choose to have a private redis memory cache service configured for you. This memory cache can significantly improve the performance of sites that support redis, with some sites possibly many times faster. For Magento sites using redis is essential for best performance.

Sites such as Magento 1 & 2 and Craft CMS have built-in support for redis, but many other sites can support redis by using plugins. If your site does not specifically support redis then it will not be able to benefit from this service.

The private redis server will have a password & port setting specific to your subscription. It can only be accessed from the local server and the service is not available over the internet. The redis cache for a specific subscription must not be used with any other lower level subscription. For example, you cannot have a Premium subscription with a redis cache then also use that cache with any Starter or Professional that you may have, but with care you can share it with other Premium subscriptions.

Each redis service will have a maximum memory usage of 256MB with 500 clients and using a Least Recently Used (LRU) data eviction policy. Custom configuration options may be available based on your requirements. For example, if you share the service with multiple Premium subscriptions then the maximum memory and clients can be increased accordingly.

Because redis services require server configuration, you need to request one for your Premium subscription. We can assist with implementing it on your site.

We do also support memcached in authenticated binary mode. For most sites redis is a better option, but if you do need memcached then please let us know.

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