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The Arrow Technology backup systems ensure we can go back a significant time for a restore. Our backups make it possible for us to fix most damaged sites with 100% accuracy, without having to necessarily totally revert to an older version of the site.

All successful site attacks that we have ever seen have been due to either vulnerable website frameworks or badly coded site plugins & extensions. If a site is hacked, some site modifications such as to the database may not always be immediately noticed, possibly taking days or even weeks to observe a change. Some attackers deliberately wait a while after a successful attack, so they know there is less chance of a backup being available.

The following backups and related features are included with most Arrow Technology hosting plans:

  • Full website & database mirror copies stored at another data centre; kept for at least 60 days.
  • Automated changed file detection recording. Records are kept for at least 120 days.
  • Full website, database & email backups every 6 hours, stored at both the website data centre and another data centre; kept for 14 days.
  • Every backup is continually monitored & checked, to ensure it is working correctly.
  • Restores are charged on a time basis. Some simple quick to do restores might not be charged at our discretion.
  • Comparison and fixup of damaged sites is charged on a time basis. We provide this service to other hosting companies, so are well experienced with this and can get it done in good time with total accuracy.

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